Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tribute to 2011

In light of it being New Year's Eve, I would like to recap what an amazing year I've had and thank all those who were part of it and made it so great!

In  2011 I...
  • Played D league intramural ice hockey at OSU and slammed someone against the boards

  • Dyed my hair brunette temporarily

  • Set up Valentine's speed-dating fundraiser for a charitable organization
  • Met and became friends with the guy I'm now dating.

  • Bought my first car, a Toyota Yaris which I love.

  • Took on debt and realize that I'm a big girl. 
  • Turned 23

  • Became Local Committee President of AIESEC OSU, worked my ass off, worked with wonderful and motivated people, contributed to a meaningful organization, and got them many steps closer to their goal

  • Was in possession of the AIESEC Rowdie ball for most of my term

  • Dyed a strand of my hair purple
  • Had a 9 month internship with LimitedBrands' Victoria's Secret, worked on neat projects, helped drive national and international business, and worked with an amazing, supportive team.
  • Got to go to the LimitedBrands sample sale and made an absolute HAUL of their awesome products
  • Wrapped up my position as Marketing and Fundraiser Chair of Rotaract at Ohio State

  • Celebrated Bridget getting married with some of the best girls I've met in college

  • Senior Facilitated my 6th HOBY Youth Leadership seminar and had an awesome Junior Facilitator and  a bomb group! Love you Brown Bear

  • Went to a Mudhens game in Toledo with HOBY and was reunited with my great group and friends

  • Spent 4th of July rooftop in downtown Columbus to watch the fireworks with some kick-ass friends

  • Went to a Clippers game with BA that got rained out but still had an awesome time.

  • Went out on a breakfast date with a NYPD cop. 
  • Participated in countless fundraisers with LimitedBrands for Pelotonia including getting pictures with the Angel wings

  • Rode 102 miles on a bike from Columbus to Athens for Pelotonia and raised $2300 with One Goal: End Cancer

  • Moved out of my first apartment which was lovely and comfortable for two years of my college experience.
  • Went to the Katy Perry Concert with my cousin Katie. 

  • Went skydiving with my Dad.

  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with Mike and his family.
  • Got matched to a traineeship through AIESEC to work with a beer brewery in Panama. 
  • Graduated from THE Ohio State University with a BSBA specializing in International Business and Human Resources and a BA in Spanish. 

  • Wrecked my first car by hitting a Raccoon, still waiting on what all work it needs
  • Celebrated Christmas late because my mom was flying with her new job.
  • Thanks to my cousin, Dan, found out that one of my great grandfathers was captain of the Mayflower.  

In 2011 I traveled to:
  • Pewaukee Wisconsin by car with my mom to visit my dad and got to go ice fishing

  • Miami, OH to visit with AIESEC friends and catch up
  • Chicago, IL for the Winter Regional conference for AIESEC
  • Washington DC for Cherry Blossom Festival with AIESEC in my new car

  • New York City for National Presidents' Meeting with AIESEC where I fell in love with 43+ leaders who are changing the world and I couldn't believe that I was one of them

  • Atwood Lake, OH to Alyssa's lakehouse and a relaxing and fun-filled weekend with great sailing friends

  • New York City for a weekend to visit Mintai

  • Chicago, IL for AIESEC's Summer National Conference with a bowling ball and visited my dad and cousin Trevor afterward in Chicago. 

  • The Upper Peninsula of Michigan and stayed in cabins on the lake with 11 hilarious people
  • Hamburg, Germany to visit Hanne from AIESEC Seattle who was on an AIESEC internship there and got to see everything wonderful in the city in 4 days

  • Indianapolis, IN for sales training for my members of AIESEC

  • Atlanta, GA with my newly elected successor for AIESEC's fall National Presidents Meeting to begin transition

  • Logansport, IN for fall RoKS with AIESEC

  • Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

  • San Francisco for the first time for AIESEC's Winter National Conference

I am so grateful to everyone who made all these things possible. Thank you to those who are making my life so worth while. 

My mom, dad, grandparents, family, and many, many friends along the way. If you were involved in anything mentioned above, thank you!


  1. Too cute!! So happy you were at the bachelorette party! You're a beautiful and intelligent young woman and you'll certainly be going places!

  2. This was an awesome recap! I'm so glad I got to meet you and gain such an amazing friend in 2011. :) You never fail to amaze me with your ever-going positive attitude and never-vanishing smile. We shall find ways to see each other 2012 and beyond, because I don't think I can go from seeing you 3 times in 4 months to not knowing when I'll see you next! Love you tons!! :D Muahhh!